Gaeta Beaches

Gaeta is blessed with several beautiful golden sandy beaches and a wonderful picturesque coastline.

Serapo Beach

From just outside the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity on one side of Monte Orlando there is a terrace with scenic views across the expanse of Serapo Beach.  It is thought that there was a Roman temple in this vicinity dedicated to the deity of Serapis, from which Serapo beach gets its name.  Serapo is the main beach of Gaeta and is made of fine golden sand.  It has many colourful lido establishments and is conveniently located very close to the centre of town where there are several hotels. From the sanctuary there are also excellent views of the town and the Gulf of Gaeta with the wonderful beautiful natural backdrop of the magnificent Aurunci Mountains.

Serapo Beach and Monte Orlando in Gaeta Italy
Serapo and Monte Orlando in Gaeta Italy
© Austen Shapcott

Serapo and Monte Orlando in Gaeta Italy

Fontania Beach in Gaeta

Just past the far headland towards the north west of Serapo beach is the small cove and the beach of Fontania. It is only accessible on foot or by swimming. Here can be found the ruins of a Roman Villa, dating back to 1 AD, that belonged to the consul Gneo Fonteo.  In addition there is also evidence of a small Roman port or pool.  There are some caves in the rocky cliffs that were once utilised as store rooms.  Also, nearby is a small fresh water spring.  Just a short distance off the coast is a small rocky outcrop which is said to resemble the shape of a ship. Thus it is known as the Nave di Serapo.  It is rich in marine life and therefore very popular with sub-aqua enthusiasts and snorkellers.

Beach of Quaranta Remi and the Cave Il Pozzo del Diavolo

A little further along the coast is the secluded cove and beach of Quaranta Remi, which can only be reached by boat. Nearby there is a deep chasm in the rocks which is known as the Pozzo del Diavolo or the Pozzo delle Chiave.  A strange noise can be heard as the waves crash and rebound in the hidden cave below. The cave can be accessed only by a small boat under a low archway in the rocks. Closeby is a second cave named the Tana dei Copertoni.

More Beaches Along The Coastline of Gaeta

Between Gaeta and Sperlonga there are numerous beautiful coves and golden sandy beaches including Ariana, Le Scissure, Tre Centro Gradini, l’Arenauta, San Vito and Sant’Agostino.  They are all well worth exploring, however some are only accessible by foot.

Arenauta Beach near Gaeta in Italy
Torre Le Scissure near Gaeta Italy
Sant'Agostino Beach near Gaeta Italy
Sant'Agostino Beach near Gaeta Italy
Sant'Agostino Beach near Gaeta Italy
Sant'Agostino Beach near Gaeta Italy