Church of San Carlo Borromeo and Sant’Anna

The construction of the church of San Carlo Borromeo commenced in 1606 and it was consecrated in 1620 by the bishop of Gaeta Pietro de Oña.  In 1800 it was damaged during the sieges of Gaeta and again during the Second World War. In the 1950’s it underwent major restoration work, where many of the baroque decorations were removed. The church underwent further restorations in the 1970’s and’ 1990’s.

The facade has a rosette window and is topped by some decorative architrave in a triangular shape, and a metal crucifix. To the left of the church is the bell tower. The church is rectangular in shape with a single nave with six shallow niches along the sides. There is a simple modern altar and the apse has a colourful stained-glass window. The baptismal font, in local stone, dates back to the 18th century.

The church is located in the La Piaja district of Gaeta, near the seafront of Lungomare Caboto. The left side of the building faces onto Piazza San Carlo.