The Church and Monastery of San Michele Arcangelo in Planciano

The Church and Monastery of San Michele Arcangelo was built by Duke Docibile I in the 9th century for brothers of the Benedictine order of Cassino. In 1788 the monastery was used as a military barracks. The church was renovated by Giacomo Guarinelli. In 1863 the barracks were made into a military prison where the prisoners carried out carpentry, mechanics and there was a printing works.

Today the church is situated into the lower part of the castle complex. The church’s façade is decorated with pairs of pilasters and a large rosette window.  It has one nave that is divided into four sections. There are two chapels, the one to the right is dedicated to the “Immaculate Conception” and has a sculpture by Gaetano Della Rocca.  In the apse there is a large niche which has a marble statue of San Michele Arcangelo, which is the work of Gennaro De Crescenzo.  Sadly the church and monastery have suffered great neglect and are in a poor state of repair.