The Church of San Salvatore 

The remains of the Church of San Salvatore are located in Vicolo Caetani in Gaeta’s Medieval Quarter. The church was built during the 8th and 9th centuries, close to the 7th century Church of Santa Maria del Parco, now the site of the Cathedral of Sant’Erasmo.  The building was extended during the 16th century.

The church was destroyed during the bombing of Gaeta in 1943. In 1966 some restoration work was carried out to consolidate the surviving structure. In the 1980’s the site was transformed into a private garden. In 2013 it underwent further reconstruction work to put back in place an original row of columns that divided the three naves.  Traces of frescoes dating from the 9th and 14th centuries can still be seen. The site is now used as an exhibition space.