The Church of  Santa Maria della Catena

This small church was built in 1635. It was once a hermitage, built above the beach of Fontania in a place that was known as Santa Fortunata, dates back to the 17th century (1635). Over the centuries it was a place of retreat and was inhabited by hermits.

It was visited by Pope Pius IX in 1849 during his period of exile in Gaeta. Shortly afterwards, at the behest of  King Ferdinand II, the church was restored and a presbytery and a dome were added.  From 1940, the attached monastery was entrusted to the care of the nuns of the order Adoratrici del Sangue di Cristo. The church was damaged during the Second World War and subsequently, in 1950, it was repaired. The building was also expanded on the seaward side. The church was remodelled in 1997, the facade was simplified and all the baroque decoration was removed.  The little church is located in a small square that opens along the narrow Via della Catena.