Gaeta in South Lazio Italy

Gaeta Feast Days and Celebrations

February  – “Sabato Grasso”  a Pre Lent Festival –  Carnivale in the Square.

April – Gaeta Yacht Med Festival  – 2012 Article    2013 – Article

30th October 2017 – Le Vie di Gaeta – Gaeta Food Festival

A gastronomic celebration of local recipes, and wine, where locals offer samples of their freshly prepared delicacies.

31 May – The “Festa of the Tiella, le Alici e l’Olive di Gaeta” – Gaetavola

2nd June – Feast of Sant’ Erasmo and San Marciano

A three day festival at the end of June, in honour of the Patron Saints of the city of Gaeta.  The evening before the town pays traditional homage and devotion with offerings of candles and flowers.  On the feast day there is a solemn procession with the statues and relics of the “healing saints” – Sant’Erasmo and San Marciano from the Cathedral of Sant’Erasmo to the City Hall.   The waterfront comes alive with festivities, music, food.  In the evening there is a wonderful firework display.

2nd Sunday in August – Feast day of Madonna di Porto Salvo also known as – “The Feast Day of the Sea”

A special boat decorated with flowers and colourful bunting takes to the sea, transporting the statue of “La Madonna del Mare”.  This is followed by a flotilla of small vessels who sail to just outside the port.  Prayers are then said for the safety of sailors and fishermen and a garland of flowers is cast onto the water.  This tradition  has been continued for over 1000 years.  Back on land there is musical entertainment and festivities, culminating in a grand show of fireworks.

26 September – Feast of San Cosma e San Damiano

Gaeta Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano

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