The Church of the Madonna del Santissimo Rosario

This small church of the Madonna del Santissimo Rosario is located in Via Aragonese. Originally it was dedicated to San Tommaso Apostolo and was first documented in 1135. The church was restored in 1725 by Bishop Pignatelli. In 1809 the parish was suppressed during the French occupation. Consequently the Brotherhood of the Rosary was transfered from the convent of San Domenico to this church. Many items were relocated here such as the main an altar and balustrade bearing the coat of arms of the Brotherhood by Dionisio Lazzari, an altarpiece depicting the “Madonna del Rosario with San Domenico and Santa Caterina da Siena” by Sebastiano Conca. The church also houses the 18th century statue of the Madonna del Rosario.

The building has a simple facade with a curved top. Above the portal is a small stone carving representing the Virgin Maria with the Rosary Crown. On the right side of the chapel there is a bell tower which is thought to have been built in the 18th century.