The Town Hall or Comune of Gaeta

The Town Hall or Comune of Gaeta is located in Piazza XIX Maggio. It is easily distinguishable by its tall quadrangular bell tower, the Torre Civica.  The front of the building is decorated with a frieze of intricate copper work.

  Register Office of Gaeta or Ufficio Anagrafe

Piazza XIX Maggio 10
04024 Gaeta(LT)

Tel:  0771/469.266

Fax: 0771/46.63.30



Opening Times

Monday:  9.00 – 12.00

Tuesday: 15.00 – 17.30

Wednesday: 9.00 – 12.00

Thursday: 15.00 – 17.30

Friday: 9.00 – 12.00


Beside the town hall is the Scuola Elementare Virgilio.

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